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The following list does not include all the various courses offered by the faculty in the Middle East Collaborative. Rather, it provides examples of courses that explicitly revolve around the Middle East/Islamic World broadly defined, and that will be offered or have been offered in recent semesters. More comprehensive information can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Course Catalog or on the Schedule Builder page. 


Fall 2019:

ALL 3820 section 001, Arab Feminisms, taught by Shir Alon

ALL 3820 section 002, Iranian Society through Cinema, taught by Alexander Jabbari

ALL 5820, Minorities in Asia and the Middle East, taught by Shir Alon

ARAB 5041, Classical & Modern Arabic Prose, taught by Katrien Vanpee (in Arabic)

ANTH/RELS 3631, Islam in America: A History of the Present, taught by Aisha Ghani 

ENGL 3026: Mediterranean Wanderings: Literature and History on the Borders of Three Continents, taught by Nabil Matar

FREN 3451, North African Cinema, taught by Hakim Abderrezak

FREN 5350 section 001, The Mediterranean(s) in Theory, taught by Hakim Abderrezak

GEOG 3145/GLOS 3645/RELS 3711, The Islamic World, taught by Abdi Samatar

GLBT/GWSS 3404, Transnational Sexualities, taught by Sima Shakhsari

GWSS 8490, Queer Geopolitics: Beyond the Transnational Turn, taught by Sima Shakhsari

HIST 3493: Islam: Religion and Culture, taught by Nabil Matar

HIST 3507, History of Modern Egypt, taught by Carol Hakim

HIST 8540, Muslims, Christians, & Jews: Muhammad to Modernity, taught by Daniel Schroeter

HIST 8960, Decolonization in the Middle East and North Africa, taught by Patricia Lorcin and Carol Hakim

SPAN 3503 Muslims in Spain, taught by Michelle Hamilton (in Spanish) 


Other Semesters:

AMES 3800, Jinn Stories: Memory, Poetry, & Madness in Arabic Literature, taught by Shir Alon

AMES 3820 section 001, Petro Fictions, taught by Shir Alon

AMES 3820 section 002, Islamic Mysticism, taught by Alexander Jabbari

AMES 3832, The Politics of Arabic Poetry, taught by Katrien Vanpee (previously ALL 3832)

AMES 3856, Palestinian Literature and Film, taught by Joseph Farag (previously ALL 3856)

AMES 3868/5868, Culture and Society of the Arabian Peninsula, taught by Katrien Vanpee (previously ALL 3868/5868)

AMES 3866, Arab American Experiences, taught by Joseph Farag (previously ALL 3866)

AMES 3867, Orientalism and the Arab World, taught by Joseph Farag (previously ALL 3867)

AMES 5820, Middle Eastern Conflict in Literature & Film, taught by Joseph Farag

AMES 5866, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature, taught by Joseph Farag (previously ALL 5866)

ANTH 5021W/ RELS 5707W, Anthropology of the Middle East, taught by Serra Hakyemez

CNES 3074/ RELS 3074, Exploring the Quran, taught by Mohsen Goudarzi

CNES 8530/RELS 8190, The Emergence of Islam, taught by Mohsen Goudarzi

GLOS 3900/5900, Human Rights Beyond States, taught by Serra Hakyemez 

HIST 3416, Imperialism and its Critics: Ethical Issues, Literary Representations, taught by Patricia Lorcin

HIST 3511, Muslims and Jews: Conflict and Co-existence in the Middle East and North Africa since 1700, taught by Daniel Schroeter

HIST 3513, North Africa since 1500: Islam, Colonialism, and Independence, taught by Daniel Schroeter

HIST 3514, Environmental History of the Middle East and North Africa, taught by Zozan Pehlivan

GLOS 3942/HIST 3512/JWST 3512/RELS 3113, History of Modern Israel/Palestine: Society, Culture, and Politics, taught by Daniel Schroeter

HIST 3505, Survey of the Modern Middle East, taught by Carol Hakim

HIST 3547, The Ottoman Empire, taught by Giancarlo Casale


Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Jordanian Colloquial Arabic and Gulf (Emirati) Colloquial Arabic are offered through the Arabic Language Program in the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies during the academic year and in summer. Hebrew courses are offered through the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies. The University of Minnesota currently offers Persian language courses through CourseShare.